12 comments on “Not my favorite sheep today!

  1. Yes those sheep have strong natural instincts and getting them to follow our rules can sometimes be tough. Reno is so gorgeous and still my favorite of all your rams and it’s hard not to forgive his shenanigans. Maybe Holly should have been named Flirt 🙂

  2. Hope you feel better Shannon! Glad you got them situated… I was thinking, as I was reading the beginning, that you should put her in the front of your barn. LOL 😉 Glad that worked out!

    • Thank you Laura! I am little concerned because my son is going on week 4 of coughing and the doctor says it just needs to run it’s course. Too much to do to be feeling under the weather for a month!!!

  3. Hope you have a speedy recovery!! I hate it when I get sick Yes those flirty girls can cause problems. I had the 2 I got from Joan do a houdini and get in with my other breeding group. Couldn’ find where they got out as the fences were good and I don’t think they jumped. Finally found it a fence clip came off the post and they squeezed under. Luckily they weren’t bred by the other ram. I saw them get bred the other day by the ram they were supposed to be with. Whew! those tricky girls!!!

  4. Hello 😀 Pray you and the little guy have a speedy recovery!

    Mac is huge!!! In that photo of him and the 3 other guys, the one with snow in the hills, he looks twice their size! No wonder he is in charge of the pecking order 🙂

    Rest and enjoy that fire 🙂

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