6 comments on “Good grief!

  1. Wow, Serenity sure looks like Amber… So does Sierra and Sicily. Those funny buggy eyes. Hang in there girls! Oh, and sooo… Veronica is haveing quads this year? She sure looks bigger!!

    • Quads would not be good, not thrilled about triplets either, but she did a great job with last year’s batch. They do have the same eyes 😉 Allegany didn’t inherit her mom’s eyes, we’ll see if her lambs have them.

  2. They are huge. Mama did that lop sided thing last season and had quads! We still have the wool on it is way too cold for shearing out here so I have no idea what is going on under there. I think I have a month to go. Mamas first date is the first week in feb but she is not looking anything like this. Yours are just gorgeous, I must go back and look at what kind of sheep they are. Much smaller than a suffolk. c

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