18 comments on “Tranquillity

  1. Beautiful shots! Love the one of Reno by himself, that’d make an awesome black and white. 🙂 I also love the one of Theron and the “hay sled.” 😀

  2. Okay…I give and call uncle….I’ll take Tranquillity! Can they get any cuter!!!! Okay, if not, then just send me Mr. T…..he is wayyyyy too clever. Wonder what he will group up to be?

  3. Oh my goodness and you have a llama as well.. you are my star! This was a stunning sequence of shots.. gorgeous work and gorgeous animals.. but what is the temp there.. ?.. c

    • His name is Magoo and we love him 🙂 Thank you! The temp this morning was 28. It warmed up to 40 during the day and it is back to freezing. Some of the snow melted, but there is more falling right now, so who knows what we will wake up to in the morning!

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