20 comments on “Good for the Soul!

    • Thanks! I used to raise horses too, and even though I don’t miss the daily up keep and expense, it is nice to be able to ride one once in awhile. Glad I could bring back some good memories for you!

  1. Doesn’t it feel like, all is right with the world, when you are up on a horse, with family and out in the sunshine?

  2. Shannon, I envy you and your brother, cows and race horses can’t get any better than that. I use to raised TB for the track, my oldest mare is now 34 and my best mare is 27. I love the TB’s. He is one nice looking baby. Who is his sire may i ask? And the babies should be started that way. Alot of foundation which they all seem to lack. That is why they don’t last. My TB Sir Hardwick the day on his first race, the dumb trainer never ponied him and when the pony came to pick up him to go to the track he bolted, dumped the jockey and ran all the way to the back side. My uncle who was my partner in crime said “Oh look at that horse poor owners I guess you can count that horse out” and I said Yep, Uncle Willie that is our horse, He was not happy at all :). He was loaded in the gate and did finish 6th which wasn’t bad since he already ran his race all by himself. So tell your brother keep up the good work. Nothing better than a well broke TB.:)

    • His name is Stella Flying, my brother said who his sire and dam are but I don’t remember now. They raise racing Quarter Horses. How long did you guys raise TB’s? I will tell him that. He figures they are only race horses for a short period, good to put a solid foundation on them at a young age that will last their life time.

      • The oldest and still living is 27 yrs old and the youngest is 12. It started out with my father and I and when he past away in ’89 my uncle Willie took over. We had wonderful memories and lots of ups and downs more downs I am afraid. But I love it.


  3. Very nice! The barrel racer in me smiled when I saw the Wonder bit used by many of us can chasing junkies being used on the Paint Horse! Love your brothers sorrel bridle horse..Nice pencil bosal and horsehair Mecate..Im a tack snob, and I fully admit it!

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