8 comments on “Look at what came flying through our front yard!

  1. Goodness gracious! That’s something you don’t see every day, especially in your own front yard. What a close call. I hope he doesn’t drive while tired again. It’s so dangerous. I initially wondered if it had been a driving-and-texting situation when I saw the pictures. Thank heavens nobody was in your yard at the time!

  2. You’re right; it truly is amazing that someone crawled out of that flattened vehicle alive, much less unscathed! Glad it didn’t do more damage at your place as well; I hope he is paying to fix the fence!

  3. Yeah, it was a little close. Even scarier when you look at the tire tracks and see that the hedge on the right side of our driveway actually kept him from coming into our house! Several of the neighbors told him that next time he needed to go home and sleep after working all night before he went hunting, I’m hoping he listens. He is coming back later this week to clean up the hedges and fix the fence. His insurance will cover whatever expenses there are.

  4. With a title like that and the season I am happy to read it wasn’t a witch or something like that. However, what did come flying through your front yard was very scary and I was relieved to read the driver and your property did not sustain worse damage. Poor Theron, missing out on all the “fun” !

  5. I was definitely expecting something different from the post title…thinking birdlike…..nothing birdlike about a flying hunk of metal (other than the fact he was airborne!). I hate that feeling about not knowing what you’re going to find when there is a wreck (used to live in a house that regualarly had wrecks on the road in front), suprised he was totally ok….and extremely happy that you and yours are ok!! Whew!!

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