6 comments on “Our help ran out on us!

  1. Those are gorgeous cows… What are they? They should have felt right at home though, being black and white. Even Kate and Rose match! 😀 Oh and LOVE the pic of Kate and the cow with the nose in the air! 🙂

  2. Funny Shannon! The cows sure look like they belong in your pasture. I like the pictures of the sheep and cows confronting each other, kind of reminds me of those “happy cow” commercials.

    We have had the same rains you have had and I have standing water in places I don’t ever remember it pooling and puddling.

    Wish I had so much pasture I had to call in help to control, but my brother-in-law next door does, and some of my sheep are eating fresh , long grass to their hearts and tummies content.

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