17 comments on “Veronica makes it look easy

  1. Wow – I knew she was big but those are three healthy sized lambs!! As well as lovely : ) It’s incredible that they do as she bids…you couldn’t do that with 3 children!!

    • Only one of the triplets is a girl and she is already reserved. One of our main rams is a son of Veronica’s and we have several of his daughter’s, some will be bred this year. It will be interesting to see if the mothering abilities are passed down.

  2. Yeah for Veronica! I am quite impressed. We have had three sets of triplets with the goats this year, and I am drowning in bottles trying to make sure everyone has enough food. Moms too. I am very impressed with her!

  3. you said it about the trips…. we are worried about our Debbie and her goat babies. her’s are milking her down to skin and bones. we took 2 of them off her except to milk twice a day. maybe she should call Veronica for some mommy tips

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