7 comments on “The naming theme for this year’s lambs

    • Thanks! The book was really random when I opened it up, I laughed 🙂 It is called ‘What to Name the Cat’ by Thelma Kandel. It was written in 1983 and from the writings in the front it has been given to several people. Yes, I will be posting lots of pictures from shearing and lambing!

    • I didn’t want to name one boomerang and predestin it to come back 😉 There are some pretty fun ones in the list that I will know who it belongs to as soon as the lamb is born – Ragamuffin for instance 😉

  1. When I bought a ram named Groucho because of his cute little mustache, I never dreamed that he would like up to another definition of Groucho. I’m a firm believer that names are important!

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