4 comments on “Shearing Day!

  1. Wow; can I borrow all your friends (and husband)?!? I have a LOT less sheep, so they would have even more fun here! I still have three fleeces from a summer shearing that need skirting. Guess I need to decide if I’m going to shear before or after lambing this year, since it’s going to be earlier than normal for me.

    Tell me more about the pregnancy blood test – where, when, how much.

    That lamb fleece you pictured is GORGEOUS, BTW!

  2. Send them here, too 🙂 I start out by keeping up with the shearer as far as quick skirting, but fall behind at about the tenth fleece.
    Your sheep look great – and so do the fleeces.

  3. That is how I usually do it Linda 😉 Thanks! You know they are very good friends when they are willing to come hang out in the cold for the majority of the day digging through dirty wool! I really do like shearing before hand if it is possible. The pregnancy blood testing is done through http://www.biotracking.com It is $6.50/sample. The tests are done on Wednesdays and results are available Friday. Very reasonable and a great way to decide if you are going to keep a ewe through the winter. Especially one that hasn’t lambed for the last two years 🙂 Thank you, I am hoping to coat the lambs soon to be yearlings to keep their fleeces clean.

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